The Accidents are a hard hitting, fast paced, high energy band guaranteed to get you in the mood for a party.

Combining hairy stunts with a rock solid back beat, the band will keep everyone entertained all night long, while clearly enjoying themselves as well.

With inspiration from all walks of music from Johnny Burnette and John Lee Hooker, to Soft Cell and the Rolling Stones, The Accidents play a mixture of songs that you may or may not know, all with their own twist, as well as playing a variety of songs penned by themselves.

Their own material has already received praise on the rockabilly circuit and has been released on an album recorded with Foot Tapping Records (Torque).

This highly polished band of brothers and sister will travel anywhere for any event and provides all their own PA and lighting – please phone +44 (0)7833777071 to speak to Keri with any enquiries.





About The Band


The trio have been playing together for most of their lives first as One for the Road, then as This Little Girl and the Dillicats. Both bands also involved their father and – in One for the Road – a good friend on the drums. As This Little Girl and the Dillicats they have been playing all around the UK for the last ten years with a few appearances in France, Spain, and Portugal. Between them John, Charlie and Keri have amassed an incredible forty five years of experience on the road. They then discovered the heavier side of rockabilly music, and once Charlie had learnt to play electric guitar they branched away from their father and the Accidents was created. Both bands are now running side by side with the Accidents going from strength to strength.




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John - Double Bass / Vocals

John has always shown musical talent and flair, learning multiple instruments as a child and learning to play bass over the summer holidays when he was 10. At the end of his holidays he formed a duo with his father and they performed at local pubs and working man’s clubs. They then met Steve Murray (who had previously worked with the likes of Bill Hailey and Fats Domino) who joined them as their drummer, and the trio became well known and loved as One for the Road. He then, at age 13, performed with the theatre show American Pie as well as recording with them. He went on to complete his saxophone exams at grade 8 (passing with distinction) while in secondary school and won the Triangular Award for his musical abilities. The most senior member of the Accidents decided in 1997 (following a new found love of the Buddy Holly Story) to buy a double bass, and that has been his main instrument ever since.



Charlie – Guitar / Vocals

Charlie begun with piano at age six, before gradually adding acoustic guitar, tenor saxophone, and baritone saxophone to his repertoire. At first he attended One for the Road gigs as their lighting tech, and eventually became the band’s saxophonist when he was ten years old. Charlie has always had a natural showmanship about him, managing to make audiences laugh just by smiling, and has found his niche climbing on the double bass and trying not to break either it or himself. So far they’ve only had two casualties – thankfully both being the instruments! He faced a daunting task of learning electric guitar in a short space of time but with hard work and dedication you would hardly guess that he has only been playing for four years.


Keri – Drums

Keri played piano and flute from a young age before deciding at nine years old that the drums were more her style. Playing ten minute spots with her father’s band One for the Road built her confidence and on the eve of her tenth birthday she played her first whole gig. After a few years Keri felt that playing sitting down was getting boring, and having grown up watching Stray Cats videos and then meeting Peter Sandburg of the Go-Getters she was inspired to try and play standing up. After a year hiatus due to tearing ligaments in her ankle, Keri is back to full strength, playing standing up and having a whale of a time with her brothers.